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Paul Donnelly Paul Donnelly Paul Donnelly Paul Donnelly

Paul Donnelly has been involved in music since primary school age. After high school, he enlisted US Army Band program. Graduated from Army, Navy school of music in Norfolk Virginia and spent several years serving in an Army Band Since then has played with jazz bands, rock / disco bands, marching bands, brass band, he still enjoys playing. Trained at Eastern School of Band Instrument Repairs and graduated in 1978. Before coming to Australia he worked in repair shops from Alabama to New York in the USA. After working a short period with Troy House of Music, he was asked to setup and manage the instrument repair shop for Caldwell's Music Centre in Richmond, Vic. Since about 1990 has been working in his own business Donnelly's Brass & Woodwind Repairs. At various times he has had several technicians working with him, Right now he is running a solo operation, which means each instrument that comes through the door benefits fully from his 30 years of experience. If you're a professional your livelihood depends upon your instrument working correctly, if you play for fun there is not much enjoyment if your instrument is not working right. If you're a student it's important that you're playing on a decent, well working instrument so it is easier to learn and enjoy music. Many students have come to the point of giving up because of a bad working instrument. They bring it to the shop and when they receive the repaired instrument back their face lights up with a big smile because it is so much easier to play makes it all worthwhile. This is why at Donnelly's Brass & Woodwind Repairs great care is taken to provide you with the best professional service possible so you can play and enjoy music.